Valier Means

"Her instincts as an actress are strong and she brought the character to life. She came in looking like the character. Her performance was dynamic. She brought sassiness to the character which was perfect." 

 -Moises cervantes, casting director       


Valier Means was 10 years old when she moved to Los Angeles, California with her family. While living in Los Angeles, she entered her schools talent show where she blew away the minds of the audience singing a Tony Braxton song. No surprise to her family sitting in the audience they've always encouraged her talents of performing since she could walk. Shortly after, Valier discovered an interest in acting. She began her training at the Young Actor's Studio where she performed in classic plays and learned acting techniques. Not only was this a great craft for Valier to gain but it also helped her release her burning urge to perform while she was getting through regular studies at school. One year later, Valier signed with one of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles appearing in ads such as Robinson May, Kmart, Mervyn's, swimsuit catalogs, and Target just to name a few.

Her professional career in front of the camera wouldn't stop there. In the same year, Valier was approached by a commercial casting director to audition for a Nike commercial which she booked working with WNBA all-star Lisa Leslie. After shooting her very first commercial for Nike, she immediately booked her next commercial for Pizza Hut working with boxing trainer Angelo Dundee as well as playing the grand-daughter of world champion boxer Muhammad Ali. As Valier grew, so did her talents. She attended a performing arts school where she had the pleasure of  studying dance movements such as modern, jazz, and ballet.

Do to her extensive dance background, she landed a role as a dancer. While Valier kept her dancing skill in her pocket she stayed consistent in acting. Valier's determination has her continuously training and enhancing her skills as an actor and overall performer.